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Oral sores (aphthas) are a common and bothersome phenomenon caused by wounding the mucosa while chewing, biting the cheek or tongue, dental treatment etc. Oral sores (aphthas) also appear against the background of various viral diseases, especially herpes. RAS disease (recurring aphthas), suffered by about 10% of Israelis, causes frequent and repeated oral ulcers. The treatments today are solely symptomatic, some of which cause severe side-effects, sometimes more serious than the phenomenon itself.
Canker Cover® is a small adhesive oral patch that works like a plaster to cover the oral sore (aphtha).
This oral patch adheres to the oral mucosa and protects the sore area - mechanically and biologically.
The oral cavity contains food remains, bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause an infection of an open ulcer. The Canker Cover® oral patch prevents these secondary infections. Moreover, the oral patch contains natural ingredients, which expedite the healing of oral sores (aphthas) and soothe and relieve pain.
Canker Cover® is easy and convenient to use. All that is required is to adhere the light side to the sore and apply pressure for 10 seconds. The oral patch will adhere immediately and begin working, a process that lasts several hours. The oral patch can be removed whenever you want and a new one applied several minutes following removal
The development staff of Canker Cover® is comprised of top physicians and pharmacists who have accumulated years of comprehensive academic research on the phenomenon of mouth ulcers, the causes, and the most innovative and up-to-date treatment methods.
The pharmacy staff developed the unique oral patch, a registered patent. The oral patch adheres to the oral sore (aphtha) and releases the active ingredients for a prolonged time. Canker Cover® has been tested on hundreds of patients who suffered from oral sores (aphthas) for a range of reasons and proved again and again its especially high effectiveness.
The professionals who examined Canker Cover® had no doubt about the quality and effectiveness of the product. The dentists who examined Canker Cover® in real time, and on patients who were "hopeless" had difficulty concealing their enthusiasm about Canker Cover®, and have already been recommending it warmly to any patient who they believe can benefit from this innovative oral patch. The first pharmacists that were introduced to the product responded favorably to its elegance in application and the low price.
Treatment with Canker Cover® is suitable for any person suffering from oral sores (aphthas) as a result of mucosa injury sustained while chewing, biting the cheek or the tongue, dental care, etc. Canker Cover® is especially effective against oral sores (aphthas) that appear against the background of various viral diseases, especially herpes, RAS disease - repeated oral sores (aphthas) - from unknown origin and mouth ulcers associated with allergies.
Is Canker Cover® suitable for diabetics or people with other general diseases?
Canker Cover® does not contain sugar, only Xylitol. This sweetener is barely absorbed into the digestive system, and constitutes an excellent substitute for sugar in diabetics. In general, people who suffer from diabetes or from other general diseases can use Canker Cover® without any restriction.
Is Canker Cover® suitable for pregnant women?
Canker Cover® was tested and found effective in clinical trials, received Ministry of Health approval and is recommended by leading physicians in Israel and the world over. There is no contra-indication in using Canker Cover® oral patches also during pregnancy!
Canker Cover® is safe, and contains substances approved for use by the strictest standards of the Ministry of Health. Canker Cover® does not contain steroids and does not contain preservatives, sugar, or food coloring.
Canker Cover® is an innovative oral patch which is applied to oral sores (aphthas). The oral patch dissolves slowly over a few hours, thus it does not have to be removed. When the oral patch fully dissolves, a new Canker Cover® oral patch can be used, assuming that it is still necessary. It is recommended that the oral sore (aphtha) area be rinsed, in case the oral patch did not dissolve totally.
Canker Cover® is different mainly because of its unique application, which does not need to be spread like gel and does not leave a bad taste in the mouth. In fact, the special oral patch contains two sides, one side that adheres and an external side with a pleasant taste that freshens the mouth.
The active ingredients are from natural materials, in low concentration, which have a proven effect in healing oral sores (aphthas). In addition, the oral patch contains vitamin A and natural flavors that freshen the oral cavity. Canker Cover® does not contain preservatives, sugar, or food coloring.
Canker Cover® was developed by a Swiss research company and underwent clinical trials in Israel.
Indeed it is a breakthrough!
Not only because of its innovative treatment and the simplicity of applying the oral patch, but also because of the effect of the oral patch ingredients that expedite the healing of sores and decrease the likelihood of reoccurrence of new oral sores (aphthas).